Five Star Tattoo

A logo I made a while back, for Five Star tattoo in Louisville, KY.

Butchertown Mural

I was recently commissioned to create a 18x10ft mural in the Butchertown neighborhood in Louisville, Kentucky. The piece balanced a sense of history, while also alluding to the many great changes that are happening within the neighborhood. As always, painted in collaboration with Kirby stafford.

Kentucky for Kentucky Jesse Stuart Print

Kentucky for Kentucky asked me recently to create a print using a quote from the prolific Kentucky writer, Jesse Stuart. This month marked the release of the print available for purchase here. The 18"x24" prints turned out beautifully, printed on nightshift blue construction French Co paper. In addition, a small batch of vintage highway maps were printed on, each different & varying in size, also available for purchase at Kentucky for Kentucky.

National Underwriter Magazine Cover

Here's a cover I recently did for National Underwriter Magazine. Printed with metallic inks on all the ornamental borders & flourishes. Really pleased with the printed results.