2016 Letterpress Calendar - The Creative Manifesto

In late 2015 Fabien Barral  AKA Mr. Cup reached out about contributing a design for his 2016 Letterpress Calendar set. I happily obliged and couldn't have been more impressed by the results.

The 2016 edition features work from RenO OrangeMark Van LeeuwnAndy LuceScott BiersackTomasz BiernatEric KassJoseph AlessioSalih Kucukaga & Rafael Araujo.

While you're at it I also recommend another great project from Fabien, Walter Magazine.



Photography by Fabien Barral.

Pilot Project for Oliver Winery

Earlier this year Oliver Winery reached out to me about designing the identity and packaging for their new "Pilot Project" line, a series of small-batch, limited edition drinks made at their winery in Bloomington, Indiana. The idea was to create something simple, elegant, and fun. The end result was a family of 3 experimental flavors, on beautiful uncoated white paper labels, with embossing for an added touch of detail.

"Inspiration is Everywhere" Mural

Recently completed mural for Kosair Children's hospital, in partnership with the Marriott Hotel in downtown Louisville. The mural will soon be accompanied by artwork created by kids/patients from Kosair, placed caddy-corner from the mural. Mural measures 31'x25', painted in collaboration with Kirby Stafford.

KFC "Finger Lickin' Good" Mural

Earlier this year I was approached by KFC to design a mural for their Headquarters in Louisville, KY. The goal was to create something that brought together the iconic elements of Kentucky Fried Chicken's brand & history. The final design incorporated some of Kentucky Fried Chicken's iconic lettering & phrases, as well as imagery from the Colonel himself. 
The mural now greets visitors and employees from around the globe in KFC's beautiful world headquarters. Installation by Kirby Stafford.

Old Fashioned Fortnight

With the Old Fashioned recently proclaimed as Louisville's official cocktail, I was commissioned to create the design for the city's 2-week "Old Fashioned Fortnight" celebration, leading up to National Bourbon Day on June 14th.

 Early explorations

Early explorations