Bryan Patrick Todd is a designer living and working in Louisville, Kentucky. He specializes in lettering, illustration and environmental design. He is a self taught designer whose early days in design meant days spent in a small sign shop, combined with long nights and weekends devoted to learning and studying design. Over time his freelance design began taking off, leading to exciting opportunities creating award-winning work.

A multi-faceted designer, he has had the pleasure of designing pieces for Subaru, Chrysler, and Benefit cosmetics. His work has been featured in How magazine, Esquire, Herman Miller Lifework, Apartment Therapy and many more. Bryan has received numerous accolades, including the prestigious Type Directors Club, Award of Typographic Excellence- as well as an Award of Excellence from Communication Arts. He also remains engaged in the creation of visual identities for numerous businesses. Bryan has had the pleasure of exhibiting his work in several fine art galleries, including one solo show, “Banner Year.” Then there’s the murals. Bryan’s signature style is clean and classic.  He uses bold saturated color palettes and grand sweeping lettering shapes, a winning combination for his large scale environmental design.  


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